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XML splitter

As explained in the Orchestration section a typical SOAP-WPS input follows the syntax:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"

Workbench software allows for users to manipulate input/ouputs without major problem. In Taverna a WPS process will be presented as a simple box with DataInputs and ProcessOutputs. DataInputs will expect an XML like the one above.

The input XML is automatically generated by Taverna using XML splitters. So what XML splitter do ?! They split XML into smaller sections that will require user input. for example a XMLspliter applied to DataInputs will request a value input for <input1> and <input2>. Right click on the process box and selecting "Add XML input splitter" will add 2 XML Input Spliter (In WPS implementation there is only one WSDL input message [Datainputs])

Xml input splitter.png

The number of XML Input boxes will depend on the number of inputs necessary to run the process. The XML Input Splitter will show the name of the elements that are children of <ExecuteProcess_dummyprocess>

Xml spliter input.png

Selecting the XML Output Splitter (right click service box) follows the same logic but for the response document and the children of <ExecuteProcess_dummyprocessResponse>

Xml splitter output.png

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