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So who is using PyWPS ?!

  • Precise Farming calculation in Prezem project (
  • PyWPS has attracted the attention of the INTAMAP research project ( , as one of the WPS API's responsible for client/server interaction for automatic interpolation mapping and cross validation of results.
  • PyWPS is also being using with Ka-maps client (Embrio).
  • Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) developed WPS processes using PyWPS for use in an EU funded project ( PML have recommended PyWPS to other project members. Currently PML is developing WPS processes to support satellite image comparisons, as part of NETMAR project ( )
  • Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA)
  • HUMBOLDT project ( ) is using PyWPS as the default WPS implementation for the development of a Conceptual Schema Transformer (CST), this library will allow XML schema transformation to geodata sets
  • GENESI-DR (Ground European Network for Earth Science Interoperations - Digital Repositories) project (
  • University of Perugia ( Italy) is developing a DSS for water management which uses PyWPS in a tool for withdrawals handling.
  • International Office for Water is developping two WPS based on PyWPS :
    • One is for the French Information System on Water and is calculating various information for a given watercourse (e.g : the land occupation based on Corine Land Cover for the watercourse's catchment).
    • One is to help Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and the Environment in their discharge points identification. It will identify all Water Framework Directive waterbodies potentially impacted by a given discharge point.

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