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"myExperiment makes it easy to find, use and share scientific workflows and other Research Objects, and to build communities". myExperiment ( is an excellent platform and allows for people to post their Taverna's workflows and to search for other people's workflows.

A user can register in and then access his/her account from inside Taverna and upload/search a workflow. Even if the user doesn't have an account it's possible to search and download workflows.

myExperient interface is accessable by clicking on the myExperiment button:

MyExperiment button.png

The system may will request a login if you want to upload the workflow and/or activate the information in the My Stuff tab

MyExperiment tabs.png

Login myexperiment.png

My Stuff tab contains a button "Upload workflow" and when clicked will open a wizard to upload a saved or current workflow. If there's problems with the upload, the workflow should be saved and uploaded using he myExperiment website:

Upload fastBuffer.png

The myExperiment contains extra functionalities like "Search", the search tab allows for Taverna users to google for workflows and download them, even if the user doesn't have an account. The majority of workflows are biofinformatics oriented but, contain solutions and can give some nice ideas on how to structure a workflow.

Query myexperiment.png

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