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Welcome to the PyWPS Wiki. This Wiki was developed as a way to disseminate PyWPS documentation and know-how. We encourage the community to write documentation and share experiences on PyWPS implementations.

The wiki was presented in the FOSS4G 2010 conference in Barcelona during the tutorial "PyWPS for beginners and developers", with support of the NETMAR project.

Currently the wiki is being expanded with information concerning PyWPS's integration into Taverna workbench, WPS service orchestration and suggestions for new pyWPS 4.0

We also recommend the use of PyWPS's mailing list: PyWPS's mailing list

For the ones in a hurry

A fast install can be done using a script developed for the PyWPS tutorial:

Download the PyWPS installation script used for the OSGeo Live GIS DVD.

The FOSS4G 2010 presentation can be found here

New stuff

WPS cookbook containing a detailed explanation of WPS, PyWPS install and service orchestration

Playlist with 4 videos, showing WPS services: r.watershed, r.mapcalc, v.voronoi being orchestrated.

PyWPS GRASS GIS 7 and QGIS with WPS plugin in action

OGC WPS on Flood portal of Liberec

PyWPS support for Taverna workbench

Enjoy !!!

--Jmdj 09:15, 7 March 2011 (UTC)