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Loading processes

WPS services are added into Taverna by giving it the URL of the WSDL listing the services.

1) Click on button "Import new service", and select WSDL service

Wsdl service menu.png

2) Then the URL to the WPS service should be introduced with the ?WSDL query (for example: http://foo/wps.py?WSDL)

Add wsdl service.png

3) After a few seconds the service panel should contain a new WSDL (something like: WSDL @ http://localhost/wps.cgi?WSDL). Opening this branch should display the services listed in the WSDL; if not, the logs should be checked by clicking Advanced>Show logs and data folder and selecting the latest log file.

Wsdl services.png

4) It is possible to add a service to the workflow diagram window by drag and drop or by right clicking on the service in the service panel.

Add service.png

5) The service will now be in the workflow diagram window ready to be integrated

Added service.png

The service box is a visual representation of the service information obtained from the WSDL, and contains all the properties and structure (inputs, outputs) associated with the service.

Input/Output (Request/Response) messages follow the WP nomenclature of DataInputs and ProcessOutputs. These messages will contain the specific inputs and outputs.

The WSDL message structure looks like this:

<message name="ExecuteProcess_histogramprocessRequest">
<part name="DataInputs" element="wps:ExecuteProcess_histogramprocess"/>

<message name="ExecuteProcess_histogramprocessResponse">
<part name="ProcessOutputs" element="wps:ExecuteProcess_histogramprocessResponse"/>

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