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Generic WPS request

PyWPS supports generic WPS requests inside the SOAP envelope. The generic getCapabilities/DescribeProcess/Execute XML request can be send and processed inside Taverna.

Getcapabilites taverna.png

The XMLInput is an XML with the standard GetCapabilities request. The XMLOutput will contain the response XML. When dealing with generic request the service only has one input/output called msg (message)

GetCapabilites response.png

The generic WPS structure should change in the future where it will become a single request service, instead of 3 services also the implementation of DescribeProcess_<process name> SOAP request is missing.

Adding a Xpath extractor service and a merge list service it's possible to obtain a simple service list

Workflow list getCapabilites.png

The Xpath service runs the following syntax "ows:Identifier/text()". Generating a text list with all the processe's identification. The next service will merge the list into a single string, otherwise we will end up with several variables, one per process.

Process list.png

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