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PyWPS follows an assemble factory approach, where an input is accepted, processed and according to the request a different "path" will be followed

PyWPS factory.png

If the request is a GetCapabilities or DescribeProcess then the process(es) is/are loaded and the properties checked, mainly Input/Outputs that will be used to populate the XML response. This is indicated by path 1 in the figure

If the request is Execute then the system will follow path 2, where the input is parted and made availble to the execute() method (in the figure is shown in the run box). After the process has been run (independently of pywps) the outputs are set and a WPS response is generated.

As a user, there is only the need to program the run section and "plug it" to the getInput and setOutput :)... as simples as this..... Therefore any python code can be plugged in...well in theory..... The run structure is a python thread inside pyWPS this may reduce some functionalities specially in Windows machines.

--Wikiadmin 15:14, 10 January 2011 (UTC)